🏵️ Meet The Fairydolls - Bella 🏵️

90's shacket at tbf boutique.

Next up in our Meet the Fairydolls 🧚‍♀️ series is Bella!

Bella is the newest addition to our TBF family!  I'm sure you have seen her popping up in our photos and Tik Toks!!! 

Bella serves a lot of roles at TBF, as do all our ladies!  She models.  She does Tik Toks, she handles customer service, and much more behind the scenes!  She is also an excellent photographer and her eye for detail has really upped our photo game at TBF.

Bella is a junior at a local college pursuing a degree in exercise science.  She is also the captain of the cheerleading squad and serves as VP of programming in her sorority!!!


Bella Fun Fact: Bella is Tik Tok famous!  She has tons of followers tuned in to see what she will do next!