🏵️ Meet The Fairydolls - Caitlin 🏵️

Tie Dye Top at TBF Boutique.
Next up in our Meet the Fairydolls 🧚‍♀️ series is Caitlin
Caitlin has been with us for over a year now and, from day one, she danced her way right into our hearts with her cute, spunky attitude and work ethic!
She serves as a model, she handles customer service, social media, facebook lives, tik tok... (I could go on and on!)
Caitlin is pursuing a degree in communications with a concentration in PR!  She also is a student, as well as a teacher at a local dance studio!
Caitlin Fun Fact: Her dream job is to be a performer at Disney!
Bonus Caitlin Fun Fact:  She may or may not be related to Debbie Gibson.. you be the judge!