🌻 Meet the Fairydolls - Lisa 🌻

Lisa and Leota pink sweater and denim jeans at tbf boutique with birthday cake earrings.

Next up in our Meet the Fairydolls 🧚‍♀️ series is Lisa!

Lisa is the OG, the original, the one who started it all!!  She is the straw that stirs the drink at TBF!!!

I have gone down the list giving examples of all the important jobs that each of our fairydolls does to make TBF the thing that it is.  I don't have the words to describe all the things that Lisa does at TBF. She is the engine that makes this thing go.  Our customers and our girls are her number 1 priority and it shows!  Pick a day, any day and I could give you an example of this.

Lisa is a wife, a dog mom, a mentor to our fairydolls and so much more.  She is a tireless worker and is fierce in her determination to make TBF the best boutique that it can be.  She is constantly looking out for our girls, our customers and her town.  Be it with giving to/attending charitable events or doing events of our own, she always looks to give back.  TBF truly would not be where it is today without her!!!!  

Lisa Fun Fact:   If you see Lisa, chances are, her new puppy Leota will probably be in tow.  They are obsessed with each other! 😂 🐾 😂