Musings of a Fairydoll - How I Do “It ALL” 🧚

Musings of a Fairydoll - How I Do “It ALL” 🧚

I always get told that I am “Super Woman” or several forms of that word. The truth is that I am far from it. The ugly truth is that owning a business is hard, the even uglier truth is that often things don’t go as planned or expected.


Let me explain further, first of all, I am not “Super Woman” but in fact just an average chick trying to make it and secure my future (I really should have retired by now in my mind) . As many of you know, I am a career woman first and fit in the corporate world like the missing puzzle piece. I couldn’t imagine my life without my big girl job combined with TBF Boutique. I feel like both are huge parts of  my identity. Which may not be healthy, but who cares? Both are super rewarding and I actually learn everyday from both. There was a time where I had no direction, I chose incorrect career paths and did things entirely wrong (I will call it my early 20’s). I really didn’t have a purpose until I met my husband, Rusty. He does motivate me to be the best version of myself (although, not super hero worthy).


I am also a natural multitasker, I have to be doing something at all times, many times, I am doing multiple things at once and cannot sit still. If you see me out in public, my face is usually buried in my phone or writing notes because my brain never shuts off. Vacation? What’s that, I am always working. Sitting on the beach, guess what, my face is buried in my phone. Honestly, I am unhappy with only one task. Jack of all trades, master of none….that’s kind of me in a nutshell. Currently, I am typing this blog and refreshing my phone screen to check for pre-orders or cute stuff for the store. I wish I was a person that could walk away and take a break, and I will when I feel that everything can run smoothly without me. I will get that time when I feel that I have earned it. Luckily, I have found a way to have better time management with TBF and can focus on additional things (which is truly just growing TBF). I don’t do these things out of greed (we do employ college kids, they’re expensive!). I just want to keep up and exceed our customer’s expectations. So many things go into what we do behind the scenes and that is what I mostly do. For example, think about our pictures, we have researched angles, areas, lighting, etc as a team. It’s not just a snap and go thing, hours of work go into a photo shoot (down to the accessories), sometimes, we have to get creative with an outfit pairing and re-do the shoot because the original was just a little too department store or the lighting was off. There are so many more examples of things that I focus on but this is something that is huge at TBF.


I do have to sign off at the moment, Leota is attacking me and apparently needs attention.


Much Love 💗