Musings of a Fairydoll - Right or Wrong? 🧚

Musings of a Fairydoll - Right or Wrong? 🧚

Am I doing it the “right way”? 

Often times, people ask themselves this question in their daily lives for personal reasons. As a business owner, I feel I ask myself this question 100 times a day. Did I pick the right products? Do my people like my engagement posts? Am I charging too much? Am I charging too little? Are my items too trendy? Are they not trendy enough? The list goes on and on and it is something that can get to you and play mind games with you.

I have never been one to take a step back, I have always believed in fighting till the bitter end. Well, I was incorrect. Let me explain, you definitely should fight till the end but when you are wrong, you need to take a step back and rebuild yourself, your brand and your way of life.  Does this mean that I have given up? Absolutely not, but I want everything to be 100% and am never satisfied with "good enough".

Truly, there is no “right way” to run a business. Things are ever changing. One day people only care about E-Commerce and the next day they want that close personal relationship with the businesses they interact with. Luckily, we are both. You can have both with TBF Boutique. Just know that when you come in our store, you will be showered with love whether you purchase a $10 item or max your credit card out. We are just happy you came to visit us.  When you visit us in person or through our website I hope that the amount of care we take shines through.  We work hard on everything we do. Everyone pitches in and we are proud of TBF Boutique.

Just know…there isn’t a black and white “right way” and things are never perfect and ever changing.

Much Love 💗

     Lisa 🧚